Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sketchwork 8 - Design Challenge 4

The above are the models.

While this is the drawing (not so nice one)

Design Requirements (DR):
1. Single colour material.
2. No sharp corners
3. Cannot be removed easily (by child)
4. It is a child-based theme

Product Specifications (PS) [These are answers to the corresponding nos.]
1. A bright monocolour to attract the child
- can be in a range of them, e.g pink, orange, green, red, etc.
2. 1.5mm minimum radius for all edges and radius
3. A pull out force of more than 5N (newton) [to be verified] by the shape of the wedge, the rubber material used. Profile of base is concave for suction.
4. A cute toy car (F1)

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